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100% Stacked Bars Chart

A stacked bar chart is similar to a standard bar chart except the bars for a given argument will be stacked on top of each other. You can stack the bars vertically or horizontally. This type of chart is used to compare the relationship of parts to the whole. The StackHeight is used to make the bars 100%, but can be 80 for example. The chart will use the lowest value that a series has set and ignore all the larger values.

// Sample Code
    'This sample shows how to add a 100% stacked bar

    ChartControl.Content.Legend.Visible = True
    ChartControl.Content.Legend.HorizontalAlignment = xtpChartLegendFar
    ChartControl.Content.EnableMarkup = True
    If ChartControl.Content.Series.Count > 0 Then
    End If
    ChartControl.Content.Titles.Add "Total Hours Worked"
    ChartControl.Content.Legend.Visible = True
    ChartControl.Content.Legend.HorizontalAlignment = xtpChartLegendFarOutside
    Dim Series As ChartSeries
    Set Series = ChartControl.Content.Series.Add("Quoted")
    Series.Points.Add "Sam", 11
    Series.Points.Add "Jesse", 12
    Series.Points.Add "Dave", 4.5
    Series.Points.Add "Max", 6
    Series.Points.Add "Brian", 5
    Set Series = ChartControl.Content.Series.Add("Hourly")
    Series.Points.Add "Sam", 12
    Series.Points.Add "Jesse", 9.5
    Series.Points.Add "Dave", 5
    Series.Points.Add "Max", 12
    Series.Points.Add "Brian", 11

    Set Series = ChartControl.Content.Series.Add("Unbillable")
    Series.Points.Add "Sam", 7
    Series.Points.Add "Jesse", 2
    Series.Points.Add "Dave", 5
    Series.Points.Add "Max", 1
    Series.Points.Add "Brian", 4
    Set ChartControl.Content.Series(0).Style = New ChartStackedBarSeriesStyle
    Set ChartControl.Content.Series(1).Style = New ChartStackedBarSeriesStyle
    Set ChartControl.Content.Series(2).Style = New ChartStackedBarSeriesStyle
    ChartControl.Content.Series(0).Style.StackHeight = 100
    ChartControl.Content.Series(1).Style.StackHeight = 100
    ChartControl.Content.Series(2).Style.StackHeight = 100
    Dim Diagram As ChartDiagram2D
    Set Diagram = ChartControl.Content.Series(0).Diagram
    Diagram.AxisY.Title.Visible = True
    Diagram.AxisY.Title.Text = "Hours"
    Diagram.AxisX.Title.Visible = True
    Diagram.AxisX.Title.Text = "Employee"
    Diagram.AxisX.Label.Angle = 360
// Sample C# Code