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Office 2010 Style CommandBar and RibbonBar ScreenTips

Accessing commands in the RibbonBar and Commandbars can now be done using ScreenTips. ScreenTips allow every feature in the RibbonBar and Commandbars to become accessible using the keyboard. Every command will be assigned a letter that becomes visible when the Alt key is pressed that allows you to activate that command when pressed.

	pCommandBars->GetCommandBarsOptions()->bShowKeyboardTips = TRUE;
    CommandBars.Options.KeyboardCuesShow = XtremeCommandBars.XTPKeyboardCuesShow.xtpKeyboardCuesShowWindowsDefault
    CommandBars.Options.ToolBarAccelTips = true
    CommandBars.Options.KeyboardCuesShow = XtremeCommandBars.XTPKeyboardCuesShow.xtpKeyboardCuesShowWindowsDefault;
    CommandBars.Options.ToolBarAccelTips = true;