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Mask Edit

You can use the Xtreme PropertyGrid's "mask edit" property allows you to create a mask edit style property item.  You can use any combination of "mask characters" combined with additional characters to create a restrictive field for text entry.  For example, if you wanted to display a prompt for a telephone number, you can restrict data entry to only numeric values with the first three numbers inside of parentheses.

Xtreme PropertyGrid allows you to apply a mask to your data items

You can use any of these characters for defining your edit mask:

0 - Numeric (0-9)
9 - Numeric (0-9) or space (' ')
# - Numeric (0-9) or space (' ') or ('+') or ('-')
L - Alpha (a-Z)
? - Alpha (a-Z) or space (' ')
A - Alpha numeric (0-9 and a-Z)
a - Alpha numeric (0-9 and a-Z) or space (' ')
& - All print characters only
H - Hex digit (0-9 and A-F)
X - Hex digit (0-9 and A-F) and space (' ')
> - Forces characters to upper case (A-Z)
< - Forces characters to lower case (a-z)