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Task Panel for Visual C++ MFC provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Office Task Panel similar to what is seen in Microsoft® Office and Windows Explorer. The TaskPanel can even be used as a Visual Studio style tool box.

Task Panel is included with the Toolkit Pro for Visual C++ evaluation.

Product Features

Codejock Task Panel provides several options to choose from including Item Types, Group Captions, Animation, Expandable Groups, Margins, Office and Visual Studio Theme Support, Toolbox Layout, Drag and Drop, Hot Tracking and much more!

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Supported Environments

Visual Studio 2015 ( MFC 14.0 )
Visual Studio 2013 ( MFC 12.0 )
Visual Studio 2012 ( MFC 11.0 )
Visual Studio 2010 ( MFC 10.0 )
Visual Studio 2008 ( MFC 9.0 )
Visual Studio 2005 ( MFC 8.0 )
Visual Studio 2003 ( MFC 7.1 )
Visual Studio 2002 ( MFC 7.0 )
Visual Studio 6.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10 ( x32, x64 )
Windows 8.1 ( x32, x64 )
Windows 8 ( x32, x64 )
Windows 7 ( x32, x64 )
Windows Vista ( x32, x64 )
Windows XP ( x32, x64 )
Windows Server 2012 R2 ( x64 )
Windows Server 2012 ( x64 )
Windows Server 2008 R2 ( x64 )
Windows Server 2008 ( x32, x64 )
Windows Server 2003 ( x32, x64 )
Windows 2000
Windows Me
Windows 98SE
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 95

Minimum Requirements

Visual C++ 6.0
Windows 95 or NT 4.0


TaskPanel Control

Task Panel provides an Office TaskPanel similar to what is seen in Microsoft® Office and Windows Explorer.  You can easily manage your application shortcuts and have a unique way of displaying information to the end user.  Define your own categories and shortcuts to match your applications current theme settings.  The TaskPanel can even be used as a VS. NET style Toolbox!

TaskPanel Item Types

Task Panel allows you to easily add groups of related items to your taskpanel.  You can add text items that allow you to display important information, you can add links, and you can add your own custom controls such as a textbox, combobox, command button, and option button.

Link Support

Text Items

Custom Controls

TaskPanel Group Caption

Task Panel allows you to hide/show the caption bar of your TaskPanel groups giving you more flexibility over how your data is displayed to the user.

Caption Visible

Caption Hidden

TaskPanel Special Group

Task Panel allows you to designate a group as "special."  Groups marked as special will be displayed differently than normal groups drawing your user's attention to that particular group.  This is an excellent way to show the user the "default" or important items.

"Special" group

Normal group

TaskPanel Animation

Task Panel allows you to use animation effects when opening and closing groups in the TaskPanel. You can turn animation on, off, or use the currently set operating system settings.  In addition to animation, you have several predefined behaviors to choose from that change the way that groups are opened and closed.

TaskPanel Expandable Groups

Task Panel allows you to designate which groups the user can expand and hide.  You can specify individual groups or indicate that all groups can or can't be expanded.

Expandable Group

Non-expandable Group

TaskPanel Margins

Task Panel allows you change the margins of the TaskPanel. You can change the margins surrounding the TaskPanel groups, or you can change the margins of each individual TaskPanel group item.

Group Margins

Group Item Margins

Group and Item margins

Toolbox Control

Task Panel ActiveX offers a ‘VS.NET Style Toolbox’ which provides a great alternative to the standard menu shortcuts. The Toolbox is incorporated into the TaskPanel so your Toolbox has all the functionality of the TaskPanel.  You can easily create and assign toolbox commands.  There are several themes to choose from: 

Visual Studio Theme

Whidbey Theme

Office 2003 Theme

Office XP Theme

ListView Theme

Toolbox and TaskPanel Layout

Task Panel's Toolbox control allows you to change the layout of your toolbox items with a single line of code.  The items can be displayed as Images, Images with text, and Images with text below the icons. You can change the layout of the toolbox at any time in your program.

"Images" layout

"Image and Text Below Icon" layout

"Image and Text" layout

Toolbox and TaskPanel Drag and Drop

Task Panel's Toolbox and TaskPanel control allows you to change "Drag and Drop" items.  You can move items within the same group, or you can drag items to another group.  You can also Drag and Drop an entire group.  Drag and Drop allows you to easily customize a Toolbox or TaskPanel.

Toolbox and TaskPanel Toggle Buttons

Task Panel's Toolbox and TaskPanel control offers toggle buttons that allow the user to easily see when items in your Toolbox and TaskPanel are "on" or "off". When a toggle button is clicked, you only need to update the "selected" property of the item.

Toolbox Icon Size

With Task Panel's Toolbox and TaskPanel control you always have the choice of selecting either small or large toolbar icons. You can easily set the size of the icons that will be used for small or large icons.  Switching between the two can be accomplished with only a few mouse clicks, giving users the satisfaction of controlling the look of the application. With this feature there is no need to worry about running out of space for more icons in using the small icons and there is no need for squinting to determine which icon to use when using the large icons.

Toolbox with Large Icons

Toolbox with Small Icons

Toolbox Hot Tracking

Task Panel's Toolbox and TaskPanel control allows you to easily add hot tracking.  When you move the mouse cursor over your items, they will become "Hot" when Hot Tracking is enabled.  This allows you to easily see which item the mouse cursor is over.  There are 4 different styles of hot tracking to choose from, which are, Text and Image, Text Only, Image Only, and None.

Text and Image Style

Text Style

Image Style

No HotTracking Style

Toolbox and TaskPanel Behavior

Task Panel's Toolbox and TaskPanel control allows you to change the animation behavior of group items as you navigate them.

Explorer style behavior

Listbox style behavior

Toolbox style behavior