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Case Study : iSYS CallMap CRM Solutions Software

With the cutting-edge GUI features provided by the Codejock Suite Pro, CallMap now provides the Microsoft Office style menus, toolbars, docking panes and task panels that their users expect.

“All Windows developers want their applications to look as good as they perform. With Codejock components, you can do just that, and save time and money into the bargain.”
James Kerr, Director, iSYS Systems Integration Ltd.

Company Brief

iSYS Systems Integration Ltd. designs, develops and supports the ‘CallMap’ Enterprise CRM and Telemarketing Software Solution.

The Challenge

iSYS needed to replace in-house authored GUI components in their CallMap product with a robust, ‘state-of-the art’ User Interface to save development time and increase product revision lifespan. They needed to update their existing VB6 product line to provide the GUI components required by today's users and extend the viable lifetime of the existing product prior to .NET implementation.

"It was becoming time-consuming to provide expected functionality from our in-house authored GUI components. Keeping pace with the development of Microsoft Office compatible themes, docking panes, menus and GUI features not only reduced time to market, but also required extensive research, development and testing. Runtime performance and memory management was also becoming an issue." - James Kerr, Director, iSYS Systems Integration Ltd.

The Solution

The Codejock Suite Pro not only provided a quick upgrade path, but also brought them opportunities to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the product for the new release, extending its lifetime beyond initial plans.

iSYS trialed several GUI component suites, and found the Codejock Suite Provided the most robust, easy to implement and runtime efficient solution for their product. The comprehensive object model also provided just what they needed to integrate with their existing drawing and interface routines.

The Results - CallMap CRM Solutions Software

CallMap CRM Solutions software provides a powerful and scalable, easy to use and cost effective solution to the CRM and Telemarketing industry. CallMap comprises several modules, utilities and background services, providing a consistent and secure enterprise solution for small, medium or large businesses.

CallMap CRM Solutions
  • Comprehensive: - CallMap provides a secure telephony-enabled customer-focused interface, on-demand metrics and control dynamics, back-end workflow services and automated data management ’all ‘out of the box’, saving time and the purchase of expensive ‘add-ons’.

  • Easy to use and learn: - CallMap abstracts the highly technical from the business, allowing users to get on with the job of running their call center. Intelligent automation and maintenance are built in, keeping support and training costs down. With context sensitive help and on-line tutorials, new users get up and running on CallMap in a matter of minutes.

  • Integrated: - CallMap tools work together. Users can use automation to batch print or e-mail personalized letters from pertinent information gathered in a call or business-flow. Pin-point call mapping shows which agents are (or aren't) handling calls the way they were designed. Users can simply import or extract data from and to a variety of formats, and seamlessly integrate with existing third-party applications.

  • Powerful, flexible and scalable: - Powerful, flexible and scalable: CallMap offers flexible deployment scenarios ranging from single-user to multi-tier installations capable of supporting many hundreds of concurrent users - both directly and remotely.
CallMap CRM Solutions

Codejock Software's Suite Pro helped iSYS meet their strategic business objectives and goals by replacing their in-house GUI with the Codejock Suite Pro, enabling them to maximize their development and design time and leverage the capabilities of the Suite Pro GUI components to provide enhanced functionality in their new release - providing a robust, fast, standard (and exceptionally good-looking) interface throughout their program modules.

"We plan to replace our existing data grid controls with the Codejock Report Control. This was not included in this release due to extensive format control, printing and print preview interfaces currently in place. And yes, we intend to deploy at additional sites." - James Kerr, Director, iSYS Systems Integration Ltd.

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