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E.d. Soft

E.d. Soft selected Suite Pro with Visual Basic over many other...

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At Codejock we understand that technology and customer service can play a key role in today's competitive marketplace.

You can always expect the same leading edge technolgy and customer service from Codejock, regardless if you are a single developer or a large enterprise organization.


Read what our Customers have to say about their experience with Codejock Software.

“It was a really good idea for me to switch from BCG to your toolkit last year. It has a modern design and the GUI classes saved me a lot of time.  Thank you very much...

Sven Ritter

“I'm using your Report Control and Calendar Control, and I have to say, your components are among the very best I’ve used in over 15 years of VB development. They are a real joy to work with!

Phil Seeman
More Productive Now!

“Toolkit Pro has saved us many development hours when creating software projects. The variety of included object classes are robust and easy to implement. The products offered by Codejock Software are well worth their price in all they provide and the development time they save.

Don Metzler
President & Chief Software Engineer
Barefoot Productions, Inc.

“I’ve been using XTP for over a year and am extremely impressed with how easy it is to use, and how professional I’ve made my Windows application look in a short period of time. Your developers provide great sample programs, as well as excellent and timely feedback in your forums.

I'm the main developer at KES Systems that is using XTP, and I'm very happy with how productive I’ve been with your suite. Thanks again for an incredible product. I tell all of my colleagues in the industry about how they should also use your products...

Lee Hamel
Software Engineer
KES Systems

“As a hardcore MFC programmer, I was thrilled to find the Toolkit Pro! You make the only affordable, high-quality extension to MFC on the market. Developing with the Toolkit is a real pleasure and has added finesse and polish to the commercial application our firm is currently developing. This will give us an edge over our competition when we bring our product to market. Thanks, Codejock!

Rodney Adams
Senior Software Engineer
Henderson Medical Systems

“We have been using Toolkit Pro for a very short while in our company and already now the investment has paid for itself in terms of productivity gain. We have been down the road of using various non-commercial packages but time is quickly wasted on patching up these ‘semi-products’ for stability...Thank you for a great product!

Niels Andersen

“This library pays for itself in less than a day's programming time. It is incredibly easy to integrate, adds immediate class to any GUI, contains many useful samples, and actually does what it claims. What a great timesaver.

Tom Serface
Microsoft MVP
Rimage Corporation

“We found your software while starting a new development project where the UI and time to market was critical to its success. Toolkit Pro™ paid for itself instantly and keeps returning value. We would never do another development project without it.

Brian Roepke
President & CEO
truEInnovations, Inc.

“...Thanks to Toolkit Pro we have a first class interface and got incredible ratings on!

Vincent Falco
Free Peers

“I have used Toolkit Pro in a few of my previous projects and it has proven itself to be a powerful, flexible, stable and mature product. Keep up the great work, your product is immensely useful.

Patrick Bergeron

“Thanks so much for the quick response. This has been by far the best technical support received with ANY 3rd-party control/library software I have ever used.

Alan Christiansen
Rane Corporation

“We used a competitors product in the past, Toolkit Pro is vastly superior and continues to get has saved us a huge amount of development time.

David Simmonds
Nortel Networks

“Excellent product, fast and courteous support, how refreshing... I'm already elbow deep.

Clark Williams
Vice President
INNtellect Management Systems

“Excellent! Toolkit Pro allowed me to develop a Visual Studio like GUI in a matter of minutes...keep up the good work!

Keith Willis
Talon Computer Consulting, Inc.

“You’ve done a fantastic job, and I will definitely purchase your product... I’ll be sending in my order soon!

Charles DePlachett
SRS Technologies

“...An excellent set of tools you have. It's made my job much easier. Once again great work...thanks!

Shawn Combs
ULIT Soft, Inc.

“Excellent library which saves a boatload of development time!

Shailesh R. Karmalkar
Graphics & UI Group, SDRC

“Thanks a lot man!!! You sure have good tech support!!!

Oscar Rangel
Veridian Systems

“I am very impressed with the flexibility of these classes!

Jessica Kowalczyk

“I also want to tell you that I am very impressed with your library, its a terrific job, keep up the great work.

Lawrence Dubowitz
Icon Coza

“I just purchased the Toolkit Pro, great piece of work!

Ruediger Zuber
Xzess Software