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Standard Bar Chart

A bar chart displays data with rectangular "bars" with lengths relative to the data they symbolize. Generally a bar chart is used to display discontinuous data (data that has a discrete value), however it can also be used for continuous data. Examples of discontinuous data would be "car color" or "tire size", examples of continuous data would be "population" or "age".

// Sample Code
'Bar series sample

    ChartControl.Content.Titles.Add "Total Hours Worked"
    ChartControl.Content.Legend.Visible = True
    ChartControl.Content.Legend.HorizontalAlignment = xtpChartLegendFarOutside
    Dim Series As ChartSeries
    Set Series = ChartControl.Content.Series.Add("Quoted")
    Series.Points.Add "Sam", 11
    Series.Points.Add "Jesse", 12
    Series.Points.Add "Dave", 4.5
    Series.Points.Add "Max", 6
    Series.Points.Add "Brian", 5
    Set Series = ChartControl.Content.Series.Add("Hourly")
    Series.Points.Add "Sam", 12
    Series.Points.Add "Jesse", 9.5
    Series.Points.Add "Dave", 5
    Series.Points.Add "Max", 12
    Series.Points.Add "Brian", 11

    Set Series = ChartControl.Content.Series.Add("Unbillable")
    Series.Points.Add "Sam", 7
    Series.Points.Add "Jesse", 2
    Series.Points.Add "Dave", 5
    Series.Points.Add "Max", 1
    Series.Points.Add "Brian", 4

    Set ChartControl.Content.Series(0).Style = New ChartBarSeriesStyle
    Set ChartControl.Content.Series(1).Style = New ChartBarSeriesStyle
    Set ChartControl.Content.Series(2).Style = New ChartBarSeriesStyle
    Dim Diagram As ChartDiagram2D
    Set Diagram = ChartControl.Content.Diagrams(0)
    Diagram.AxisY.Title.Visible = True
    Diagram.AxisY.Title.Text = "Hours"
    Diagram.AxisX.Title.Visible = True
    Diagram.AxisX.Title.Text = "Employee"
    Diagram.AxisX.Label.Angle = 360
// Sample C# Code