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Add, Edit, Copy, Delete and Modify Command Bar Images

The Command Bars ActiveX Image Manager control gives you greater control over toolbar and menu image customization by allowing you to add, edit, copy, delete, and modify images during design time to give you total control over your Command Bar images.

The Image Manager control is similar to the Microsoft ImageList control, however, the Image Manager is a much more powerful tool.  One of the most noticeable improvements is the Image Manager supports 32-bit Alpha Icons.  When an image is added to the Image Manager, a "disabled" image and a "hot" image are automatically created for you.  You can then individually edit the normal, disabled, and hot images.  Another nice feature is that you can add multiple image sizes for each Command Bar control, for example, you can add 16x16 and 32x32 icons and simply set the LargeIcons property to true to automatically use the larger set of icons.  You can use the SetIconSize Method to switch between image sizes and the Image Manager will automatically load the appropriate size images.