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Tabular Toolbars

Tabular toolbars eliminate the need for numerous toolbars crowded around an application. Menu items can now be elegantly displayed in a toolbar. The contents of a toolbar can be accessed simply by clicking on its tab. Tabbed toolbars are not only easy to use, but they increase the usable view area.

A Tabbed ToolBar contains all the functionality of standard toolbars. Many toolbars, called categories can be "tabbed" together. Switching between toolbar categories is similar to a TabControl, you can now access all of your toolbar categories simply by clicking on its tab. Normal toolbars can still be used outside of the TabbedToolbar if needed. The TabbedToolbar will also dock just like a normal toolbar.

// Create ToolBar
CXTPTabToolBar* pToolBar = (CXTPTabToolBar*)
    pCommandBars->Add(_T("Standard"), xtpBarTop, RUNTIME_CLASS(CXTPTabToolBar));


CXTPTabManagerItem* pItem = pToolBar->InsertCategory(0, _T("Standard"), StandardIcons, _countof(StandardIcons));
pItem = pToolBar->InsertCategory(1, _T("Advanced"), AdvancedIcons, _countof(AdvancedIcons));
pItem = pToolBar->InsertCategory(2, _T("Other"), OtherIcons, _countof(OtherIcons));
pItem->SetTooltip(_T("Other icons"));
Dim TabToolBar as XtremeCommandBars.TabToolBar
'Add a Tabbed ToolBar
Set TabToolBar = CommandBars.AddTabToolBar("Standard Tabbed Toolbar");
XtremeCommandBars.TabToolBar TabToolBar;
//Add a Tabbed ToolBar
TabToolBar = CommandBars.AddTabToolBar("Standard Tabbed Toolbar");