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Office 2010 Style Ribbon Bar Control

Codejock Software's Ribbon Bar provides Windows developers with the latest Microsoft Office 2010 style Ribbon Bar component. No longer will users need to fumble through confusing and boring menus. Ribbon Bar includes enhanced navigation capabilities by grouping menu and toolbar commands into logical blocks that are arranged in tabular format.


HMODULE hModule = AfxGetInstanceHandle();

LPCTSTR lpszIniFile = 0;
hModule = LoadLibrary(m_csStylesPath + _T("Office2010.dll"));
lpszIniFile = _T("OFFICE2010BLUE.INI"); 

((CXTPOffice2007Theme*)GetCommandBars()->GetPaintManager())->SetImageHandle(hModule, lpszIniFile);
CommandBars.VisualTheme = xtpThemeRibbon
CommandBarsGlobalSettings.ResourceImages.LoadFromFile App.Path & "\..\..\..\Styles\Office2010.dll", "Office2010Blue.ini"
XtremeCommandBars.CommandBarsGlobalSettings CommandBarsGlobalSettings;

CommandBarsGlobalSettings = new XtremeCommandBars.CommandBarsGlobalSettings();
CommandBars.VisualTheme = XtremeCommandBars.XTPVisualTheme.xtpThemeRibbon;
CommandBarsGlobalSettings.ResourceImages.LoadFromFile(StylesPath() + "Office2010.dll", "Office2010Blue.ini");