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Chart Pro Samples

The following sample applications demonstrate the powerful features that are available with Codejock Software components. Each sample is provided as a stand alone executable that can be easily downloaded. All samples are included with our products and are provided with complete source code.

Chart Browser Sample

This sample shows how to use the various styles available to the chart. Some of the chart styles available are Area, Bar, Bubble, Candle Stick, Line, Fast Line, Funnel, Pyramid, Gantt, High Low, Pie, Point, Range Bar, Spline Area, Stacked Area, Stacked Bar, Stacked Spline, 100% Stacked Bar, 100% Stacked Area, Side-by-Side Stacked Bar, Scatter Line, Step Line, Stacked Spline Area, Doughnut, Step Line, Polar, Radar, Error bars, Trendlines, and Rotated Bars with many more chart styles to come. The chart supports zooming and scrolling, secondary axes, multiple diagrams, and markup titles.

Sample Uses:
Command Bars, Task Panel, Docking Panes, Chart Pro

Dialog Sample

The Dialog sample demonstrates the various types of charts that can be created. You will see examples of a Point, Line, Spline, Bar, Area, Spline Area, Bubble, Pie, and Doughnut style charts. The sample also shows how you can change the appearance and palette colors of the charts.

Sample Uses:
Chart Pro

FlowGraph Sample

The FlowGraph sample demonstrates how to incorporate the FlowGraph control into your application. The FlowGraph is a graphing control used to display relationship graphs. This can be thought of as a relationship diagram commonly used to display the relationships for a relational database.

Sample Uses:
Command Bars, Flow Graph

SimpleChart Sample

The SimpleChart Sample demonstrates how a simple line chart can be displayed.

Sample Uses:
Chart Pro

Stock Sample

The Stock Chart Sample demonstrates how to incorporate a financial Candlestick and HighLow chart.

Sample Uses:
Chart Pro